Shayyan Chemical, is a well informed, well-versed, highly competent, promptly executing, competitive sourcing body. We form an   integral part of the global chemical industry. Since its establishment with the purpose of serving the emergent Pharmaceutical & Chemical sector in international market especially South Asia & Pakistan. Shayyan Chemicals has come a long way from being just a Chemicals supplier to a big renowned APIPharmaceutical IntermediateNutraceuticals Herbal Extracts, Industrial Chemicals, and Solvents for manufacturing , supplying, sourcing and marketing company.We represents a number of Renowned International Pharmaceutical Ingredient and respective Intermediate Manufacturers covering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Excipients and nutraceuticals

Today, change is everywhere. Our customer’s markets are evolving rapidly in response to volatile raw material prices, new feedstocks, and new manufacturing trends. Sustainability is often the spur, driving demand for better, cleaner and more-efficient products and ways of doing things.