Shayyan Chemicals is working as Importer , Exporter Trading, Marketing & Indenting House throughout Pakistan with most professional and reliable network. We are among the top dealers importing, Distributing and Sourcing raw materials for Pharmaceutical Industries. We source quality of products for our clients as per their need at minimum prices. We are taking immense share of business in Pakistani market.
We have built up strong relationship both domestic and abroad, trying to satisfy our partners and keep them profitable. This is the best and happiest reward to our efforts in past years.
Shayyan Chemicals is symbol of trust, promise keeping, honesty and confidentiality and have integrated approach. We believe on pure professional & ethical values.
We are specialized in providing solution for buying following products:
  • Active Pharmaceutical human and veterinary Ingredients
  • Food and Feed Additives & Nutrition’s
  • Intermediates
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Solvent
  • Bulk Chemicals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Excepients
  • Inactive Ingredients
  • Perfumery Chemicals/ Essential Oils/ Fragrances
  • Industrial Equipment and other solutions

  • quality

Sourcing Quality API’s

Shayyan Chemicals offers active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), for pharma, medical and veterinary. Unrivalled sourcing from reputable manufacturers worldwide, combined with our market knowledge, provides products and value-added services and solutions for customers’ current and future needs  At Shayyan Chemicals we have a number of APIs and excipients particularly suited to animal health and are widely supported for these types of products. The Animal health and veterinary medicine sector is as wide ranging as the human medicine sector.Our strength is in our dedicated team’s expertise in sourcing and supply – from targeting value-added ingredients and product groups, product evaluation and regulatory compliance, to specialist storage, packing and delivery, tailored to customers’ logistical and pricing needs.


Neutraceuticals, a term combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.Well-established partnerships with the leading manufacturer of the products used as dietary supplements, allow us to be considered an important partner for all the Companies involved in the production, marketing and sales of Nutraceuticals.

We offer to our customers a product portfolio which included Active Ingredients, Herbal Extracts (standard and organic), Animal Extracts, Excipients and other natural ingredients. All our suppliers are fully in compliance with the European Regulations of Food Supplements.

As Nutraceuticals / Extracts hastily growing market in Pakistan, so we are fully focused in this segment and serving with all kind of products related to this section from FDA and GMP approved Manufacturers As Nutraceuticals / Extracts hastily growing market in Pakistan, so we are fully focused in this segment and serving with all kind of products related to this section from FDA and GMP approved Manufacturers.

As health concerns continue to mount in modern society, the demand for solutions that put control in the hands of individuals and families also continues to rise. We offer our “Family of Brands” of natural products as part of that solution – from our family to yours.


Packing Material

While a strong focus on quality, safety, and drug efficacy is absolutely essential, we also committed to finding ways to reduce costs and improve product efficacy. We are having vast range of packaging materials like PET, HDPE, LDP, blister foils, Alu Alu foils, PVC, PVDC films, empty hard gelatin capsules, glass vials, glass bottles, vial flint, rubber closures, flip off seals. Mainly we are dealing in following modules related to Pharmaceuticals; We are conforming to high quality products for the fastidious Pharma industry that has rigorous standards of acceptance in the sensitive Health Care Sector. Our suppliers are able to meet these demands through its expertise, experience, equipment and commitment.

  • Flip of Seals
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Moulded Glass Vials
  • Tubular Glass Vials

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